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to the Paulding Saddlebrook Farms Homeowners Association website. The most up to date and comprehensive source for HOA information, neighborhood activities, helpful service information and news of what's happening in our community.

This site is maintained by the PSFHOA Board Members and Web Committee. Please explore the site thoroughly to discover all that it has to offer! Please feel free to contact us for any suggestions or comments you may have.


URGENT!!! Due to delays in pool repairs, and to ensure the safety of homeowners, the pool will now open on June 2nd!

Please contact to make sure you are caught up on dues. Keys will not be activated for homes with a past due balance. If you are a new homeowner and need a pool key issued, or an existing homeowner needing to purchase a replacement at $15, please contact the Pool Committee at

PLEASE NOTE: Board Members, Officers and Committee Chairs have full-time jobs and family lives in addition to the volunteer work they do with the PSFHOA. When making contact, please be mindful of this, and patient while waiting for a response or return phone call. Every effort will be made to respond as soon as possible - typically within 24-48 hours depending on the query.

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